This. Bed. Is. Lovely. Firm, spacious, thick curtains to block out the light, and we’ve slept like bugs in a rug. And I’m up at 7.20am. On holiday. I don’t even get up that early when I’m working. Sitting in the lounge with a cuppa looking at what would be a contender for the best view in South Wales though, without any disturbances (aka, hubby) is blissful. It really is a room with a view and a perfect spot for a few hours of pre-breakfast reading and writing whilst Rich has a well earned lie-in. I’m loving working for myself and largely from home, but it does take a concerted effort to wind down at the end of the day properly, and this is just the ticket. The windows aren’t double glazed and so you can clearly hear the birds pecking away at the frozen ground. The snow is slowly starting to melt but the Brecon Beacons are still very much wearing their winter coat, and I’m grateful for the dressing gown which Kathy has very considerately provided.

After the compulsory fry-up for breakfast, including eggs from a nearby farm, again courtesy of Kathy, we set off in Jet (our car) for a walk up to Crug Mawr from the Grwyne Fawr Valley. Snow drifts have built up alongside the narrow roads but the roads themselves are clear. The small car park at the start of the walk however would involve driving up and down an iced up hill, so we take a chance and park at the beginning of the forest track instead. We’d planned on taking a circular route and descending to Partrishow from the summit, but the snow is knee deep in places, and the cold wind has compacted the snow into ice sheets on the slopes. Fortunately we’d packed our yaktrax pro’s and needed them to get up to the trig point, but as Rich’s eyes are starting to freeze open in the wind, and we’re both having difficulty staying upright, we decide to re-trace our steps, and get back to the shelter of Mynydd Du Forest for a late lunch at the first crossroad of tracks. We are soooooo buying snow-shoes next Winter!

I’d reserved the first bath of the evening, pleading driver’s rights, and wile away the time reading a waterproof Kathy Lette book about a woman who takes almost thirty years to realise that her husband is a philandering eejit. She also likes baths. Which I guess is why it’s been made into a waterproof book. By 6pm the sun is streaming through the lounge window, our boots and trousers are in the usual place – drying in front of the fire, and there are jacket spuds in the oven for dinner. I do love baked potatoes. Especially with baked beans and cheese. Proper comfort food. Just what we need after a long walk in the snow.