After a New Years brunch in the apartment, we decided to make it a fairly gentle day and walk east towards Grafarvogur. Despite the area around Ellidaarvogur being one of the industrial parts of Reykjavik, with several marinas and lots of green space it still made for very pleasant walking. New footpaths and bridges have been built in the last year, making it easy to enjoy the space without having to walk too close to the main road. Whilst we saw a few locals, the area is definitely off the tourist trail, meaning that we could enjoy looking at the frozen waves at the mouth of Ellidaar in peace.


We retraced our steps, in yaktrax that had by now seen better days, but as we’ve had them for several years and used them a lot, we can’t complain. We’ll definitely buy some sturdier spikes next time we come back to Iceland in the Winter though.

Back at the apartment we followed the example of the Icelandic households around us, and settled down to read, write and generally chill. A perfect New Years Day.