What with Rich’s NF2 and the associated problems, sleep often eludes me when I’m worrying about the latest issue. Last night, his big toe kept me awake. As the circulation is so poor in his right leg, it’s susceptible to infection, and we realised yesterday evening that it was back with a vengeance.

Expecting to be asked to come in at the end of the day when I phoned the Llanidloes Health Centre, I was very pleasantly surprised when they booked us in for 9am. Rich didn’t even have time to brush his teeth before I bundled him into the car, and instructed Dervla to navigate the 9 miles to the surgery. We were even more surprised that despite only 30 minutes notice, they’d arranged for a translator to sit in on the appointment in case Rich needed someone to sign for him! Fortunately his lipreading is second to none, but the fact that a rural service in deepest, darkest mid-Wales can provide this level of service impressed us no end. Within 15 minutes of arriving we’d been given antibiotics, a dressed toe, and peace of mind, and both left thinking that we could easily live in this part of the world.

With plenty of time on our hands, we drove back to the Trefeglwys Community Cooperative Cafe for a cuppa. The cafe and shop are very well stocked, and open all day most day’s. There’s even an internet cafe, library, post office, and community centre where I was disappointed to find that I’d just missed the weekly pilates class. This place really does have a wonderful sense of community, and not the oppressive nosey type where everyone wants to know your business.

Back to Gribyn Cottage for a full Welsh breakfast, before setting off for Glaslyn Nature Reserve and a short walk on the track that runs alongside Bugeilyn. Whilst we ate lunch, we willed some of the people that had congregated on the shore of Glaslyn to pack up and head home, and sure enough they did. Neither of us particularly wanted an audience whilst we changed into our wetsuits, and as it’s been 6 months since our last wild swim, we were out of practice, so much so that I managed to put mine on backwards to begin with.

Whilst Rich’s new diving gloves kept the cold out, mine failed miserably and so we were only able to stay in the water for ten minutes. I’ve no idea how cold it was, but I must remember to buy a thermometer for future trips.

Unfortunately the old migraine then started to set in and by the time we got back to the cottage I was fit only for bed. I get annoyed with myself for having migraines and being out of action sometimes, but like Rich says, sometimes I just need to let him look after me, as more often that not it’s a case of me looking after him. At least by our proper bedtime, Rich was able to report that his toe already felt a lot better.