Rich’s toe already looked better this morning, and after failing to deflect his jokes about pus and exploding toe nails over breakfast, we decided to head out to Hafren forest for the day.

We parked just inside the northern edge and followed the Glyndwr’s Way as far as the sailing club jetty, stopping on the shore of Llyn Clwyedog reservoir for lunch. Again we saw few other walkers, but this could be because unlike yesterday where we’d been walking and swimming in sunshine, today we’d had to don jumpers and waterproofs.

Whilst we huddled on a well positioned bench outside the angling club office to eat our snacks, too late realising that we were effectively sitting in a wind tunnel, most other visitors were admiring the scenery from the shelter of their cars. Give me cold hands and  a wind burned nose over a scenic drive any day though. Whilst we love Skyra – our little car, she’s very much a means of getting us to a place where we can start our adventures.

With the Easter weekend fast approaching the number of cars on the road had noticeably increased, and rather than returning via the forest track, we decided to go back the way we’d come. That way we could avoid the vehicles, enjoy the peace and quiet, and watch the lambs playing whilst they were still young enough not to have learned to be afraid of humans.


By 4pm we were home for tea. We love getting into this routine of good food, fantastic walks and swims, reading, writing, the right sort of tired thanks to lots of exercise, and no telly or internet. If only ‘working days’ back home could be as productive, and enjoyable. Although admittedly since I left a mainstream career my days are certainly more relaxed than they used to be.

There still be Dragons in Wales...
There still be Dragons in Wales…

The cloud didn’t lift all day but we were grateful to not always have sun beating down on hot heads whilst walking. Heat stroke is never pleasant, and can easily overcome even the best prepared trekker. It’s hard to believe that we spent last Easter walking through snow in Wales though.

After enjoying the cooler evening air on the deck, and washing some clothes ‘grape crushing style’ in the shower, we prepared a walker friendly meal of oven chips, baked salmon and salad, whilst Peaches the cat meowed pitifully from the conservatory to be let in. I love the way cats always try to pretend to be starving and unloved, when really they’re chubby fluff balls who are always getting cuddles from whoever they meet. The tortoises meanwhile were doing what they do best – absolutely nothing. Rich is transfixed by them though, and they’d certainly be easier to look after than a dog, so maybe something to consider when we move.