Talk about a breakfast fit for a queen. French toast, aka eggy bread if you’re from oop north, made with gluten free bread and served with bacon and maple syrup. It smelled and tasted so good that other guests then insisted on Jacqui cooking them the same, and I’ve since recreated the deliciousness back home. Rich’s croissants didn’t stand a chance by comparison.

After saying our goodbyes, and forgetting that we’d left our chocolate supply in the bedroom cupboard – it might even still be there, we decided to head North West to Wookey Hole. Dervla demonstrated that her sense of humour is still very much intact by taking us down miniscule country roads, despite Skyra having developed a clutch problem. We had to pull over several times because we couldn’t get the car in gear. Not an ideal situation in a manual.

By 11am, the main Wookey Hole car park was already almost full. We parked and walked up the road to Ebbor Gorge. Avoid the crowds and save your money on the Wookey Hole entrance fee by bringing the family up here instead. The gorge is stunning, and the walk through the centre and up over the top of it exciting and interesting enough to make everyone feel like they’re having a proper adventure rather than one that’s been stage managed. I’m sure that Wookey Hole is lovely inside, but the hotel is a monstrosity, and the public toilets confusing – women are expected to use those labelled ‘Witch’, whilst men are ‘Wizards’. If like me, you consider yourself to be a Witch only some of the time, then this can be off putting.

Unfortunately, I’d chosen this weekend to forget my camera charger and so there aren’t any pics from today’s adventure. Normally, I’d use this as an excuse to go back and re-visit a place, but as the traffic was bloody awful coming home and again it took us 3 hours to travel 65 miles, then not on your nelly.