We caught the 10.30am bus as far as Northbay Junction – in the north (not suprisingly) of Barra. From there we walked a circular route westwards to Loch an Duin’, south east along the old lakeside track, before emerging onto the road again by Loch Na Obe Cottage. We lost sight of the footpath markers just before the cottage, but fortunately have become dab hands at scrambling over fences. Today this felt like more of a feat than usual though as we were starting to get tired after 6 days of walking.

One advantage of visiting such beauty spots as the Outer Hebrides out of season, is that when you’re desperate for the toilet and are in an urban area so can’t really go out in the open, the nice caretaker of Northbay’s community hall gives you the keys so that you can use the facilities. Sadly the community cafe and garden is only open on Thursday’s, but looks well worth a visit if you’re in the area.

We’d deliberately chosen this walk so that we could catch a bus back along the east coast of the island. As it’s more sheltered there are more houses on this side, but it still feels very rugged.The roads are good though, and we’d happily bring Skyra (our lil car) and Dervla (the satnav) back for a longer trip.