Since we’re now under strict instructions to incorporate at least one rest day into our walking trips, today we obliged. After a very satisfying fry up, and copious amounts of tea, we headed into Monmouth.

It’s a very compact and pretty market town, but still has everything you need including several supermarkets and banks. After strolling up to the Shire Hall we found a coffee shop with free wifi, and settled down to catch up with what was happening in the rest of the world.

Back to Skyra (our car) to change into our wellies for a stroll along the river Monnow, and before I’d even left the car park I’d managed to take a very impressive fall over a kerb whilst fiddling with my camera. That’ll teach me. Rich later admitted to having stifled a laugh, which was very wise as I landed hard on both of my baddy knees, and it bloody hurt! Still at least the wellies look good, with all the sparkles.


The sparkly wellies - with my sparkly wedding dress!
The sparkly wellies – with my sparkly wedding dress!

After failing to try to find the entrance to the castle, and concluding that it probably wasn’t a wise idea to trespass on private MOD land, we headed back to the Hayshed for tea and gluten free Christmas pudding. Rest days are hard work.