Fortunately in Sweden, very soft double mattresses are overlain by thin single mattresses, which you can then lay on the floor to create a firmer surface. Fabulous for those of us with dodgy backs.

Down for the hotel breakfast at 9am, to witness mayhem! The Swedes seem to take their first meal of the day very seriously, and the Scandic Gavle West offered the biggest breakfast buffet  we’ve ever seen. In a nutshell, you could pretty much have whatever you wanted. How many hotels anywhere in the world automatically offer a selection of gluten free breads and crispbreads for instance? After edging our way through the crowd we eventually managed to emerge with a plate of food each, and find our way back to the table without squashing small children along the way.

Swedes drink coffee rather than tea and so I had to partake to ensure maintenance of base caffeine levels. They’re also very partial to lingonberry jam, fruit flavored water, and waffles; and don’t mind children running amok whilst they eat. We both like little people, but I’m not sure we could cope with this level of ‘busyness’ at breakfast every day.

After checking out we headed north on the E4 to a beautiful little hamlet by the sea called Trollharen. Rich had done his homework and found a renowned fishmonger and restaurant here, called not surprisingly ‘Trollharens Fisk’, so we parked up and went for a stroll along the seafront, to work up an appetite for lunch. This part of Sweden is called ‘The Maiden Coast’, is very picturesque, and yet not on the tourist trail and so you won’t find the hordes.

We paid 200 SK for our fish buffet lunch, and proceeded to try and select at least one of everything from each counter. We failed to achieve this even after round two. The food is stunning, and you’re unlikely to find such a wide selection of fish dishes anywhere else in Sweden. It’s obviously much loved by the locals and Swedes in the know, but well worth a diversion if you are anywhere in the vicinity. In short, if you like fish, go to Sweden. It’s fishy heaven.