We have a new breakfast favourite – Lingonberry jam, either dolloped on toast or porridge. Every time we eat it, we feel Swedish. Strangely, strawberry jam back home doesn’t have the effect of making us feel British.


I felt less Swedish for not realising that the bathroom would flood unless the shower head was pointed directly over the drain. Still, lesson learned and my clothes soon dried out, although it took a while to mop an inch of water off the floor.

We began our first full day in Lofsdalen by browsing its few shops, and interrogating the very friendly staff in the tourist information office, before buying supplies from the well stocked ICA supermarket. The village is currently geared up more for Winter rather than Summer tourism, although they’re taking steps to change this by creating mountain bike routes and publicising the walking trails. We came for the peace and quiet though, and so are very happy that it’s off the beaten track for the time being.

After lunch we drove to the western end of the lake, parked up and walked along the southerly shore. Fortunately the wet and windy weather kept most of the mozzies at bay but we still got bitten a few times. That’ll teach us not to apply the insect repellent regularly.

Back to the cabin for ‘fika’ – coffee and cake Swedish style, after which Rich napped and I admired the many shades of green from the window. Things appear even more green out here, although maybe that’s just because I’m more tuned in to nature when away from urbanity. The view was very special though.