We woke refreshed from our first night in Neids Cottage. After yoghurt, fruit and a bacon sarnie for breakfast, we fired up Skyra (our car – she’s Scottish) and headed a few miles up the road to a small car park at the far end of Backwater Reservoir. From here we walked just over 9 miles of what the guidebook very accurately describes as a ‘fine upland circuit’, taking in Corwharn and Mildewan Hill. As it was a tad blowy, we stopped for a cuppa and snack inside Drumshade Plantation. Here we were showered not with rain, but with falling pine needles.

Back to the car for a late lunch out of the wind, which unfortunately makes things harder for Rich as due to NF2 induced nerve damage he can’t close his eyes properly to protect them from the elements. We then headed home for some compulsory post-walk cake.