I’d bought a couple of walking guide books by a local author, and had very high hopes for all of the routes. Half way round the ‘Woodland Circular’ from Llandrindod though, I’d decided that either the author had made the walks up, or hated walkers. With annoying phrases like ‘turn half right’, and words like ‘dingle’, I ended up questioning what the hell the guide book meant. Although described as a woodland route, we only walked through three short sections of wood. The rest was a mud fest through fields. Towards the end, we just wanted to be done with it. Neither of us particularly enjoy field walking, and whilst we don’t mind mud, when it’s all mud, it gets a tad monotonous. Still, on the bright side, we got good views at least three times, or at least would have if there hadn’t been mist in the way; saw buzzards and kites; and it made good training for the upcoming Iceland trip – all that wading through sludge strengthens the leg and bum muscles.

Back at the car we peeled off our mucky waterproofs, and I ventured in to Aldi, complete with mud all over my inner trousers as well – that stuff gets everywhere. Llandrindod has an Aldi and Tesco as well as a really good independent butcher, and so makes it easy to self cater. Back at the cottage, we decided that we’d remove our trousers outside the door rather than spread the mud inside. Fortunately Margot and Anthony – the cottage owners, didn’t choose that moment to walk out in to the farmyard, as they might have thought us a bit odd standing there in our knickers. After tea, cake and hot showers though, we soon recovered from today’s anoyances,and set about planning tomorrow’s adventure.