With Rich’s energy levels flagging (thanks to chemo), and my left leg playing up a bit (thanks to EDS), we made today a rest day. The weather was perfect for a stroll around town – cold but clear and sunny, although I have to admit that we found it hard to tear ourselves away from the cottage’s living room window seat.

After parking near the railway station, we explored the rock park, and took some of the waters from the public spa water fountain – it tasted much more minerally than the so called mineral water you buy in bottles.


Unfortunately, there aren’t many shops left in Llandrindod. Tourism has declined, and lots of young people up and leave as soon as possible, so it’s not the wealthiest of towns. We found the butchers though, and bought some fantastic lamb chops for tea, and then settled down in a little tea shop with a latte to watch the world go by. Llandrindod is a friendly little place, and whilst there might not be much to offer shoppers, it has a unique history and feel.