One of the ‘joys’ of having EDS, are occasional bouts of severe IBS. Unfortunately I had a flare up overnight, and  had to spend most of the following day lying down in an attempt to ease the pain. Fortunately Rich was more than happy to while away the time reading, and admiring the view from our picture window.

By the evening, I felt able to stand and move around more easily, so at 6.30pm we headed out to Hafnarhólmi, or ‘Puffin Hill’ as we’d taken to calling it. When we arrived we could see the puffins just out to sea, and then at 7.15pm on the dot the first landed. Gradually, the others all followed, making for a magnificent sight! They’re much smaller birds that I imagined them to be, and looked so cute as they land clumsily and then waddle around in search of their burrows. Rich quipped that they looked like me when I use a zip wire and try to land gracefully, but fail miserably! They seem to be curious creatues too – not minding us humans being up quite close, and snapping photographs. It all made for quite the spectacle, especially in such a setting, and one that I’m glad to have witnessed.