The calm after the storm. After yesterday’s adventures, we were pleased that we’d saved what promised to be a great walk, until today. With the sun shining, we parked Aurora alongside the wooden bridge just outside Bakkagerði, and walked along the old road to Breiðavík. Sure enough, it made for a spectacular route.

We found the old emergency shelter at Fagriholl, and walked up to the lower slopes of Krossfjall where once again the track disappeared beneath snow and we had to don our yak trax to safely ascend and descend the hill. We were blessed with amazing views in all directions. This is arctic tundra country, and is popular with geese and other birds as the landscape is riddled with small lakes and streams. The heather must look wonderful when wearing its Autumn colours, so we’ve definitely plenty of reasons to return to the east.

After a very late lunch back at the apartment, we visited our on-demand spa one final time, before strolling down to the bottom of the jetty to admire the almost cloudless sky and majestic mountain view. We’ll miss this little oasis.