After a good night’s sleep and with no rain forecast, we drove to the south shore of Loch Earn and parked by the Ardvorlich bridge. The minor road on this side of the loch is lovely and quiet, even at the beginning of the Summer, and there was plenty of space to park by the road side. There were a few people fishing, camping and picnicking on the shore, not surprising given the views.

Our goal was Ben Vorlich, a beautiful and accessible Munro, blessed with stunning views on a good day both from the top, and on the way up and down. Neither of us like ‘straight up and down’ mountain routes, we prefer to relish the landscape, and to enjoy exploring the area, and Ben Vorlich doesn’t disappoint. We were accosted by a friendly pony looking for polo mints in the field at the bottom of the hill, but he left us to it after a few tummy rubs, no doubt having realised that we were keeping all snacks for ourselves. We took on the Ben slowly and steadily – Rich gets tired thanks to being on chemo, and finds walking on scree slopes challenging because of his balance issues, but he’s a little trooper and we made it there and back in one piece.

The view of Loch Earn
Loch Earn from Ben Vorlich

Just as we got back to our car – Skyra, the heavens opened, so we decided to leave the wild swim until tomorrow, and head back to Strathyre. Big sis had read my mind earlier in the day and offerred to buy fish and chips for supper, on their way back from a trip to Edinburgh. I only ever feel like I’ve earned a chip supper after a long walk, and as expected, it hit the spot. This mountain walking lark is hard work.