Hello folks, sorry about the leave of absence. Fortunately I’ve now completed the Masters degree (in violence against women and children), and sort of have a life again, so there’ll be plenty of time for reporting on our travels. That is until I start the PhD! Turns out brain cells don’t die off when you reach middle-aged-dom, or at least not as quickly as we’re led to believe.

Since I last wrote we’ve been to the Belgian Ardennes in Winter, the Scottish Isle of North Uist in the Spring, and possibly our favourite happy place – Swedish Lapland in the Autumn. As you can probably tell, we like to visit places that tend to be cool rather than warm, or to go at times of the year when they get slightly warm at most. Thanks to our medical quirks, we both melt in the heat.

The good news is that Dervla is still going strong, and especially likes navigating gravel roads in Sweden. The more pot holes the better.