Knowing that the forecast was back to strong winds and rain tomorrow, we couldn’t not climb a hill today. We drove north east from the bothy, parked alongside Loch Aonghais, and then walked up Crogearraidh Mor – a rocky hill which provides magnificent views over towards the islands of Berneray and Vallay. Whilst it was by no means a long walk, the views on the top made negotiating the very boggy ground worthwhile, so much so that we decided to walk up the adjacent hill – Maari, as well. This provided yet more stupendous views inland, with not a soul to be seen.

With our need for fresh air and exercise satisfied, we headed back to our favourite ever Co-op to stock up, but were disappointed that they hadn’t reduced the prices of the Easter Eggs. Rich refuses to pay full price, so we usually treat ourselves after Easter Sunday! It was so sweet though that with just one other person in front of us in the queue, the manageress insisted on opening another till to serve us. Now that’s customer service!

Wanting to make the most of the good weather we then drove up to the St. Kilda viewpoint to eat our packed lunch. That there was another car in ‘our’ space shows how at home we’ve come to feel on North Uist, but fortunately they soon left so we were able to take in the views.