We’d planned to walk up a hill called Burabhal today, but locals advised us that the stepping stones would be submerged, making the route too precarious for Rich with his balance issues. Whilst I’d be happy to fish him out of the water, getting hypthermia would not be an ideal way for us to end the holiday. Instead we drove 5 minutes north and parked at the top of the track to Griminish, which we’d been told was another beautiful bay.

We started by walking down to Callernish pier, not having realised that it’s still very much a working pier, and got talking to two fisherman, one of whom was from Cornwall. They fish for shrimp, and fish farm feed, and had an amazing display of lobster pots and other paraphernalia. They proceeded to regale us with tales of local feuds which we found fascinating – it’s all going on on North Uist! They found it hard to believe that people could be nice to each other in church on Sunday, and go back to hating each other on Monday. Fortunately just as they started telling sexist jokes their boss turned up so they quickly got back to work, and we continued up the track in search of the stone monument. Alas the local laird has built a new estate here and prohibited access. We got as far as a field of friendly horses, had cuddles with them, and then decided to cut our losses and turn back rather than traipse over land where we clearly weren’t welcome, especially as Duncan the bothy owner had told us tales of walkers being shot at on the island. Lo and behold we again ended up at the world’s best Co-op in Sollas, where the mini creme eggs were finally on sale a good few days after Easter, marking a perfect end to the walk.